Eye Blind enhances the Scope for rifles, Competition shooting, Tactical Shooting and Long range shooting.

Eye Blind Rifle Scope Attachment
Made in America • 100% Guaranteed

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Attention competition shooters and tactical shooters!
Here is a product that will give you an edge on your competition and
help lower your score at the end of the day.


The Eye Blind is an attachment for your rifle scope that eliminates any need for squinting, thereby reducing facial strain and will also take care of any cross dominance or double vision problem. The Eye Blind also helps to block out distractions and helps the shooter focus on the task at hand. We think that you will find the Eye Blind is one of the most practical things that you can attach to your rifle scope.

If you have ever used an eye patch, Magic Dots, or tape on your shooting glasses, you will really appreciate this little helper.  The Eye Blind is there when you want it and is not an obstruction to your vision when you put your rifle down.  It folds neatly out of the way when your rifle is put into a gun case, cabinet, or a gun safe. 

Eye Blinds come in the normal matt black finish or a special semi-transparent smoke color. The smoke color was designed with snipers in mind who may be watching a doorway for hours but will still want to pick up any change or movement with their left eye.  The clamp rings come in nine different sizes to fit almost any popular rifle scope.

|Introduction| |About| |Eye Blind| |Guarantee| |Contact Us| |FAQ| |Assembly Instructions| |Price list| |Sizes & Purchase| |Testimonies|